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Felting Supplies for Every Project

For experienced felt makers, finding the right tools can be a difficult task. At Back to Back Fiber Products, we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of needle felting supplies, including needles, foam work surfaces, felting sticks, and felting mats.

Our felting needles come in a variety of gauges to ensure that you have the right tool no matter what type of felting activity you’re working on. With our foam work surfaces and felting mats, you can create strong and textured felt for all of your fiber art projects. No matter what stage of the process you’re in with felting, we’ve got you covered with our wool felting tools.

With our needle felting tools and materials you have everything you need to get started on your latest project. Nothing is worse than being ready to start a project only to find out you don’t have the necessary tools. Equip yourself with the felting necessities you need from our online store. We are sure to have what you are looking for to pursue your latest creative endeavor.

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Felting Needle--one #38

One Felting Needle

Our Price: $2.00
Felting Needles

Felting Needles...three needles per package
Size #38 is a basic all around needle for most felters.

List Price: $5.99
Our Price: $5.99
Felting Needles, #40 star

Special #40 Star Felting Needles...two needles per package.

Order this #40 needle if you are doing more detailed, finer work. Be aware that this needle is more delicate.

Our Price: $4.99
Felting Needles, Six per Pack

Felting Needles...six #38 needles per package.

Size #38 is a basic all around needle for most felters.

Our Price: $12.00
Felting Needles - Twelve Pack Felting Needles, Twelve per Pack

#38 Felting Needles in a packet of 12.

List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $12.00
Felting Tools

A selection of felting tools for the felting crafts.

  • Foam work surface....5" x 8" x 2"
  • 5 felting needles.....QTY=3 size #38 and QTY=2 size #40 (star)
  • Felting stick
  • Felting matt....for wet felting cords, spirals and beads

List Price: $13.95
Our Price: $13.95
Felting Yarns

A colorful selection of hand-dyed wool yarns and pencil rovings. Great textures and vivid colors that enhance your felting project whether needlefelting or wet felting. A one ounce selection.

Our Price: $8.50
Foam Work Surface/Large

Dense foam work surface for your needlefelting projects.
9" x 12" x 2"
Photo shows both medium and large sizes of foam.

Our Price: $10.00
Foam Work Surface/Medium

A dense foam work surface that is perfect for your needlefelting projects.

List Price: $6.00
Our Price: $6.00
Foam Work Surface | Medium - Six Per Pack Foam Work Surface/Medium, Six per pack

Six medium size of our dense foam work surfaces for your needlefelting projects.

5" x 8" x 2"

Our Price: $32.00
Foam Work Surface/Medium/12 Pack

A dozen dense foam work surfaces for your club or classroom.

List Price: $72.00
Our Price: $72.00
Teacher Needlefelting Supply Classroom Kit

Needlefelting tools to teach the craft to at least 30 students.

List Price: $93.00
Our Price: $93.00
Teacher Needlefelting Supply Club Kit

Needlefelting Supply Club Kit provides basic tools for up to 15 students.

List Price: $55.00
Our Price: $55.00