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Back to Back Teacher Discount Application

We welcome Teachers to our site and reward you with Teacher Prices!!!!

Fill out the form below and be sure to include your school's name. Within 24 hrs of submitting, you will be setup with discount pricing on our site when you log into our site. When logged into our site, you will see our retail price and your teacher price available.

Follow the instructions below, and please fill out Teacher Application Forms 1 & 2.

Teacher Application Form 1

Teacher Application Form 2

Step 1: Fill out Teacher Application Form 1. This email form will alert Sue to setup your customer account with teacher pricing.

Step 2: Setup your personal account on our website. We can not approve you for teacher pricing without a customer account.

Thank you for signing up and please contact us if you run into any problems/issues. Please remember, once approved, you can only see teacher prices if you log into the website. Thank you!
Sue Bunch and Linda Lundstrom and