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Snowman Party Kit Snowman Party Kit

Needlefelting materials and supplies for six friends or family to
gather and create their own Snowmen. Instructional DVD makes
learning fun and easy. Gather around your TV, start the DVD and
follow the step by step instructions.

Our Price: $98.00
Needlefelt An Animal Friend Party Kit Needlefelt An Animal Friend Party Kit

Needlefelt An Animal Friend....Party Pack
Enough materials for 6 people to learn the techniques of
three dimensional needlefelting.
Your group can watch the instructional DVD and follow along.
Video demonstration discusses how to create your own
Felted Animal Friend. Free templates are available
to download at this website as described in the video.

Our Price: $54.00
Bloomin' Brites Needlefelted Flowers | Party Pack Bloomin' Brites Needlefelted Flowers--Party Pack

Needlefelt some Bloomin' Brite felted flowers.
Follow the instructional DVD in your space and time
and learn how to create these fun and fanciful felted flowers.
Perfect for groups of people wanting to share the fun of felting together.

Our Price: $37.99
Zippy Felting Party Kit Zippy Felting Party Kit

Our Price: $119.95
Felt a Rose Felt a Rose

This needlefelting project, with the instructional DVD, shows you step by step how to create three felted roses.
Our bright red Pacafil Brites and green Pacafluff roving work together to become a realistic felted flower. This project
can easily be completed by a beginning felter or experienced alike.

Our Price: $14.95
Pumpkin Party Kit Pumpkin Party Kit

Share your love of felting by planning a Pumpkin Party. Set the date....invite friends and family.....we will provide the felting fun. Enough materials for 6 guests.....

Our Price: $47.95