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How to care for a quilt made with Pacafil Alpaca quilt batting.

Washing a finished quilt that uses Pacafil batting.

  • Fill the washer with cool water to the level required by the size of the quilt, add gentle detergent, dissolve by agitating the machine.

  • TURN OFF THE AGITATOR and then add the quilt.

  • Place the quilt into the washer and use your hands to gently move the quilt around. Let the quilt soak like this for 10-15 minutes.

  • Repeat the hand agitation several more times.

  • Turn the washer dial to "SPIN" to drain out the water. Leave the quilt in the washer and add cool rinse water. TURN OFF THE AGITATOR again, and repeat with hand rinsing as many times as it takes to have clear water.

  • Just remember to never let the quilt agitate in the machine.

  • After the final spin, take the quilt out, lay in a sheet sandwich (a sheet under the quilt, and another on the top of it, to protect it) on the lawn or on a bed to dry.

  • (B2B does not recommend using the “handwash cycle” on washing machines either front or top loaders for your finished quilt.)

  • This accepted method of washing any quilt is recommended for quilts using Pacafil and will assure a beautiful warm quilt for many, many years.

  • (Don’t forget to sew in your care label to remember the recommended washing method.)

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