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Alpaca Fiber Exchange Program

Attention: Alpaca Breeders

Back to Back Fiber Products LLC is a company that supports North American Alpaca breeders by specializing in non woven products of Alpaca fiber. Our premier line of Pacafil–Alpaca Quilt Battings and Pacafil Brites and PacaFluff Alpaca roving for the fiber arts have found their niche in the quilting and crafting world.

Since the early 2000s we have offered an alpaca fiber exchange program. Because we have more alpaca fiber than we need at this point in time (2016) we are discontinuing the exchange program until further notice.

We have appreciated your support through the years of our efforts to support Alpaca breeders and want you to know that our products, because of you, have found their way around the country into the creative lives of both beginners and professional fiber artists alike.