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Our Learn To Needlefelt Kit not only gives you the basic tools and materials to learn this craft but by following these instructional videos you can create a series of projects where you will gain confidence to try more advanced felting techniques.
  1. The Basics of Needlefelting video tutorial will demonstrate the tools, materials and basic techniques needed to create projects using materials from our Learn To Needlefelt Kit.
  2. Felted Beads, Bracelets and Scarf Rings video tutorial shows
    fun fiber art to use or share.
  3. Funky Felted Pins, our most popular project, is a free-form felting project that can be used a piece of wearable art or mounted and enjoyed as a home accessory and is demonstrated with this video.
  4. Felted Balls give you the skills to work on a three dimensional form. These little felt balls can take on a life of their own with various uses from cat or kid toys to decorative accessories. Follow this video for instructions.

The Felted Bouquet Kit is a wet felting project. This series of videos demonstrates the basic techniques to make a variety of familiar flowers. Individual tutorials show the techniques to create each flower including Petunia, Tulip, Lily, Pansy, Rose and Snapdragon. Additional tutorials explain creating the stems and leaves and how to attach them. Make one of each or just a bouquet of your favorite flower. Brighten your decor with a long-lasting felted bouquet.

    • The Basics of Making Wet Felted Flowers. This tutorial covers material and tools needed to make this collection of flowers. After you have mastered the basics then move on to each individual flower video to explore the various tweaking of making each various form.
    • Petunia. A basic flower shape. Easy to create. Blending of colors makes it especially fun.
    • Tulip. A well know variety that in nature comes in such a variety of colors. You can do the same.
    • Lily. This flower is such fun to play with color blending. Adding this to a bouquet gives interesting color and textures
    • Pansy. An endless variety of playful colors makes this flower an all time favorite.
    • Rose. Loved and admired by everyone....try you skill at making them in as many colors as you like....or a bouquet all in one color. A wonderful choice to brighten any corner of your space.
    • Snapdragon. This snapdragon look-alike gives great color and texture to any bouquet.
    • Stems. This video shows a technique of making flower stems.
    • Leaves and Stems. Learn how to make some leaves to add to your bouquet and how to attach them.
    • Attaching Stems. Technique demonstrated to attached stem to any felted flower.
    • Spirals. A colorful addition to any bouquet. Not a flower but a fun and easy technique to add that bit of spark to your final bouquet project.

The Make One - Share One Snowman Kit can make two small needlefelted to enjoy for yourself....and one to share. A project easy enough for a beginner but enjoyable for experienced felters too. This Make One - Share One Snowman instructional video will give you tips and techniques for creating your own little snowmen.

Easy holiday ornaments with instructional videos make great gifts for family or friends.
Click kit names to view instructional video or to order one for yourself....$8 each

  1. Snowman Ornament Kit
  2. Santa Ornament Kit
  3. Penguin Ornament Kit
  4. Cardinal Ornament Kit
  5. Gnome Ornament Kit

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Snowman Ornament Kit Snowman Ornament Kit

List Price: $8.00
Our Price: $8.00
Santa Ornament Kit Santa Ornament Kit

Our Price: $8.00
Penguin Ornament Kit Penguin Ornament Kit

Our Price: $8.00
Gnome Ornament Kit Gnome Ornament Kit

Our Price: $8.00
Little Monster Felting Kit Little Monster Felting Kit

List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $12.00